Specialty Outside Services Bonds

An Old Republic Specialty Outside Services Bond provides surety protection that will indemnify a business against fraudulent or dishonest acts of their employees. Upon conviction, the Specialty Outside Services Bond will provides bonded assurance that property in the hands of your employees will be properly returned when recovered. In order to protect a company against unjustified allegations, the employee must be convicted before coverage will apply.*

Specialty Outside Services Bonds are designed for business such as courier services, wrecker services, repossession companies, valet parking. Scenarios in which your employees are in possession of someone else's property.

* In order to protect you and your employees against unjustifiable allegations or charges of dishonesty, the employee must be convicted (**) of the alleged dishonesty before coverage would apply.

** North Carolina only: The word "conviction/convicted" is replaced with "indictment/indicted."

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