Direct Bill

Direct Bill is a highly proficient method of payment and today's industry standard

Direct bill transfers the collection of premium to Old Republic Surety Company. All License & Permit and Fidelity bonds, except Notary Bonds, are eligible for this program.

How does direct bill work?

The agent is responsible for collecting the initial premium for all new bond business and pays for the first premium due on the account within 45 days. Old Republic Surety Company will then handle the renewal process.

Our direct bill program automatically generates a customer renewal bill approximately 60 days in advance of the renewal date. At that time, we request any necessary renewal underwriting information from the agent. Upon receipt of the renewal payment and any requested underwriting updates, we mail the original renewal advice (new bond, continuation certificate, etc.) to the principal with instructions for filing with the obligee.

For more information on our direct bill program, please contact your branch office.

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