Public Official Bonds

Most Public Official bonds for individuals are available in Bondstar. If you require a Name Schedule and/or Position Schedule, please contact your local branch. 

Note: The bonds contained herein are not all inclusive and are subject to change.

  • Treasurers & Tax Collectors (Dual Position)*
  • Tax Collector*
  • Treasurer*
  • Subordinate Employees Handing
  • Money*
  • School Treasurers*
  • Deputies and subordinates*
  • Sheriff & all subordinates*
  • Sheriff Delinquent Tax*
  • Marshals*
  • Constable*
  • Policemen*
  • Judges*
  • Court Clerks*
  • Hunting & Fishing License Sales*
  • Notaries Public*
  • Commissioners of Deeds
  • Housing Authorities
  • Coverage on Securities
  • Public Administrator or Guardian*

*Multiple States, counties, cities, and towns exist. Please refer inside of Bondstar for further information. 

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