Underwriting Philosophy

Underwriting Philosophy

We take a human approach to underwriting

At Old Republic Surety Company, we pride ourselves on the detail we give every bond application. We are consistent in our approach to helping our agency base and helping their customers succeed and grow. Based on a strong history of stable, consistent and ethical standards, Old Republic Surety Company will give every submission the attention it deserves. 

Contract Bond Underwriting

  • Every bond submission is important
  • We have a can-do approach - if there is a way to write the bond - we will 
  • No computer program underwriting. Each case is underwritten based on it's own merits
  • Challenging opportunities are approached at every angle
  • We hear the contractor's story, we listen. We are always willing to meet with our contractor clients and prospects to understand their business better
  • We manage our book of business for the long-term
  • We don't make knee-jerk reactions to market changes or contractor claim scenarios
  • Because we underwrite standard, best-in-class scenarios - giving us a very stable book of business,  we then can afford to also make exceptions on more complicated submissions
  • Our parent company - Old Republic International has the same conservative approach

Commercial Bond Underwriting

  • Provide bonds as simply, easily, efficiently and quickly as possible
  • Friendly service that is always helpful
  • Possess tremendous knowledge of all local, state and federal bond requirements - a helpful resource for appointed agents

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FAQ: Contract Bonds

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