An ERISA bond is basically a fidelity bond that protects 401(k) and retirement plans. The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) was enacted in 1974 to regulate most types of employee benefit plans. ERISA bonds protect the retirement plans, participants and beneficiaries from dishonesty and fraud committed by individuals who are associated with them. The Act requires that a fidelity bond be in place to cover the fiduciary and anyone associated with the management of the covered plan.

Secure Your ERISA Bond in Minutes!

Issue a bond in minutes for Defined Contribution and Defined Benefit Plans. Utilizing our BONDSTARTM platform, ERISA bonds can be instantly issued, printed and ready in minutes.

Required Coverage Amount for ERISA Bonds

According to the Act, the amount of coverage necessary for each plan must be equal to no less than 10 percent of the amount of plan funds that are handled.

Stay in Compliance

We provide a Policy Limit Endorsement (Inflation Rider) on all* ERISA bonds at no additional charge. The endorsement increases the limit of insurance to amount required under ERISA relative to increases in plan assets, subject to the limitations of the endorsement.

(*Endorsement is not available in Alaska and Massachusetts.)

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