Online Payment

    Online Payment

    We offer our bondholders a simple, secure, fast way to pay your Old Republic Surety bond premiums. There is no service fee to pay your surety bond bill online and all you need is your bond number and zip code. Surety bond payments can be made by credit card or ACH payment from your bank account.

    Terms & Conditions

    I request and authorize Old Republic Surety Company (hereinafter “ORSC” or “We”) to either, depending upon my selection, (a) electronically transfer the amount I have entered from my account at my financial institution or (b) electronically process the amount I have entered from my credit card; and agree that you will rely on the information I will be supplying for this transaction. A fee will be assessed if the amount drawn under this agreement is not honored for any reason, or the total amount due is not paid or ORSC may cancel the applicable bond(s)/policy(ies) for nonpayment of premium as allowed by law and shall be under no liability whatsoever for the cancellation. I understand that neither my rights nor the rights of ORSC to cancel bond(s)/policy(ies) are altered by this agreement. 

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    Privacy Policy

    Any questions with paying online, please call (800) 217-1792 (Option 4)


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