Bonds for Growing Contractors

Bonds For Growing Contractors

We’ve got an option for smaller, growing contractors - our FastBond program, based on credit score. It not only offers a quick, flexible answer for a smaller bond; but it also opens the door for small contractors wanting to grow.

Coordinate our FastBond program with essential underwriting elements to easily transition into a standard bond program.  Old Republic Surety provides resources and advice for supporting growth of your business to a standard bond program.

Through the SBG Program, Old Republic Surety is pleased to partner with the SBA as a “Prior Approval” surety, providing bonds up to $10 million for federal projects and up to $6.5 million for any public or private contract or subcontract project.


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Old Republic Surety has very capable, caring people committed to the success of their first-tier customer: the independent insurance agent. Their willingness and ability to support my production and account-management activities also consistently supports the business goals of our mutual contractor customers. We have a true "partnership" and it is why I value so much both our working and personal relationships.
Steve Hanson
Co-Manager, Surety Department
Ward Insurance Agency / Eugene, OR

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