Protect your company against employee theft

A fidelity bond (also called employee dishonesty insurance) provides coverage for loss resulting directly from employee dishonesty. Fidelity bonds are for any company that has employees. 

Classes of Fidelity Bonds

  • Blanket & Schedule Fidelity Bonds protect businesses against dishonest acts committed by employees of that business.
  • Third-Party Fidelity Bonds protect businesses against criminal acts committed by its employee which result in loss to customers.*

Coverage up to $250,000

Old Republic Surety Company offers fidelity bond coverage up to $250,000.

Do you have enough coverage?

Most property and casualty packages include a crime policy that offers the same kind of coverage. However, because it is often bundled into a package, it may not be enough to cover the employee base or risk that your company faces. Have a conversation with your independent agent about whether the crime coverage in your property & casualty package is enough for your business. A fidelity bond could give you the extra coverage that you need. You may also consider fidelity bonds for specific individuals in your company - those more likely to have access to funds, bank accounts etc.

* In order to protect you and your employees against unjustifiable allegations or charges of dishonesty, the employee must be convicted (**) of the alleged dishonesty before coverage would apply.

** North Carolina only: The word "conviction/convicted" is replaced with "indictment/indicted."

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