Answers to common questions about BONDSTAR:

Why did the name change to BONDSTAR?

Old Republic Surety is growing in on both commercial and contract business.  We are investing heavily in technology for all types of transactions, and knew strategically that it would be best practices moving forward to name the online system ourselves. So we named it BONDSTAR.

How do I get to BONDSTAR?

Go to: Agency Access, and log in to get to our BONDSTAR platform

What bonds are available in BONDSTAR?

There is a listing of each type of commercial bond on the corresponding pages. If the bond is in our BONDSTAR system it will be indicated with a light-bullet-star. We constantly add bonds to the system, so make these pages your favorites to check back frequently.

Court Bonds; Federal Bonds; Fidelity Bonds; License & Permit Bonds; Miscellaneous Bonds

What if the bond form is not available within BONDSTAR or Form Search?

If you cannot locate a bond in BONDSTAR or Form Search, please contact your servicing branch office.

If I’m already appointed with Old Republic, how do I submit a request for power of attorney?

Please contact our Licensing Department.

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