Privacy Policy

    Information We May Collect from Claimants or Beneficiaries

    If you make a claim under a policy/bond we may collect the following information from you in order to administer the claim:

    • Contact information which may include your name, address, e-mail and telephone number(s).
    • Policy information including policy number, relationship to the policyholder/insured person, details of policy including insured amount and exceptions, and previous claims.
    • Claim details including details giving rise to the claim, vehicle registration number, health data including details of injury, criminal data including police report(s).
    • Medical information regarding injuries, treatment, or disability. Medical condition and health status including current or former physical or mental condition including personal habits and medical history.
    • Recordings of telephone calls to our representatives and to call centers operated on our behalf.
    • Criminal record or civil litigation history to prevent or detect fraud.
    • Information to prevent or detect financial crime.
    • Police reports.
    • Your signature.
    • Photographs and video recordings created in connection with our insurance/surety or other business activities, including for claims administration, settlement and disputes, or for other relevant purposes as permitted by law.
    • If you register on our website or on one of our mobile applications, we collect the personal information you knowingly provide to access certain online services. We may also collect personal information from you indirectly when you browse our website, use one of our mobile applications or access one of our official social media pages. For additional information about what personal information may be collected in these instances, please review the portions of this Notice that reference the use of our website, mobile applications, or social media pages.

    Information We May Collect From Others Regarding a Claim

    To administer a claim, we may collect the above information from other sources including your employer, agent, attorney or other representative. We may collect information from other parties to the claim, experts, witnesses, and loss adjusters. We may also collect information about you from public records, government agencies and credit agencies when we believe it is necessary for claim administration.

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