A Look Into The New ORS Home Office

On May 22nd, we welcomed our new and improved office space located in the heart of Brookfield, WI. To celebrate and help settle into our new environment, we enjoyed delicious food items from local restaurants all week long - no lunch-packing hassle here! With stomachs full and hearts happy, we are excited to finally be in our new home. 


A Refreshing View

Nature PreserveAside from our new space being conveniently surrounded by many businesses, shopping centers, and restaurants - we also have the pleasure of sitting along a nature preserve. Each day we are greeted by our scenic view that overlooks a pond - with exciting sightings of frolicking deer, cranes, geese, turtles, and carp. 

Closer Look Inside

In our new building, you will find that we have made quite the update - whether that includes our standing desks, with rising and lowering capabilities, or our coffee machines that make specialty coffee with the touch of a button - just to name a few. In our kitchen areas, we have complimentary snacks, a sparkling water machine with flavor shots, and ready-to-eat food items available for purchase.

Work Corner

In our respective departments, we have collaboration areas with updated furniture and side tables to help boost productivity and engagement amongst employees. Ever so often, you can find us looking out of the windows and admiring the view that overlooks the nature preserve. The design of our workspace is inspired by our natural surroundings - from the earthy paint tones of the walls, the birch tree stencils that hug the glass of the offices, and the living moss-lined walls.Moss wall

Green Initiatives

In an effort to reduce our waste footprint, we have put receptacles in common areas as opposed to having them at each individual desk. This allows for our employees to move throughout the day and be mindful of individual waste contributions. As we become more digitized, we have strategic plans to reduce paper files and usage with the implementation of increased technology.

Room to Grow

This move is part of our strategic growth plan to accommodate a growing workforce for years to come. We are part of a multi-unit building that allows for expanding our spaces as additional units become available.  

As we continue to enjoy our new office building, we look forward to the possibilities it presents for our future growth as a company. We are excited to embrace this new chapter with a fresh view, while also fostering innovation and employee collaboration along the way.